Community Services & Ministries We Support

The Committee for Helping Others is a group of concerned churches and individuals in the Dunn Loring, Merrifield, Oakton, and Vienna communities who provide simple, loving charity to those in need of goods and services which they are unable to provide for themselves or obtain from governmental social service organizations.  For more information, visit

Advocates International
Advocates International is a global network of law professionals and national leaders committed to strengthening the rule of law, civil society, religious freedom and the integration of faith and profession.  There are over 30,000 lawyers on six continents engaged in issues ranging from religious persecution, judicial independence and prison reform to orphanages, street children and legal aid.  For more information, visit

The Donetsk Ministry
The Donetsk Ministry is a Christian ministry promoting the proclamation of the Gospel in the Ukraine through spiritual, physical, and financial support via the following media:          
  • Financial Assistance
  • Bibles
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical clinics
  • Other religious and charitable materials as needed
  • Ministry trips for preaching, teaching, and medical assistance
 For more information, visit

The Lamb Center
The Lamb Center is a daytime drop-in center for the poor and homeless in central Fairfax, providing help and encouragement and hope for their lives.  For more information, visit

WE PROVIDE nutritional bag lunches for the Emory Rucker Homeless Shelter.
WE ALSO PROVIDE SUPPORT for our denominational Minister’s School, the Primitive Baptist Library, and the Primitive Baptist Scholarship Fund.

NOVA Primitive Baptist Church 9640 Blake Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031 Tel: 703-255-0637